1. abstruse, recondite, deep, profound, abstract; impenetrable, incomprehensible, unfathomable, inscrutable, indecipherable.
2. occult, cryptic, perdu, hidden, veiled; obscure, dark, dim, vague, nebulous, Rare. imperspicuous; mysterious, arcane, inexplicable, insolvable, insoluble, unaccountable, Obs. inextricable; puzzling, enigmatic, enigmatical.
3. private, privy, secret, acroamatic, Obs. acro-amatical, undisclosed, untold; confidential, privileged, auricular, Sl. inside; inner, inmost, intimate, personal, subjective, solipsistic.

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  • Esoteric — Es o*ter ic, n. (Philos.) (a) An esoteric doctrine or treatise; esoteric philosophy; esoterics. (b) One who believes, or is an initiate, in esoteric doctrines or rites. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Esoteric — Es o*ter ic ([e^]s [ o]*t[e^] [i^]k), a. [Gr. eswteriko s, fr. esw teros inner, interior, comp. fr. e sw in, within, fr. es, e is, into, fr. en in. See {In}.] 1. Designed for, and understood by, the specially initiated alone; not communicated, or …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • esoteric — I adjective abstruse, acroamatic, acroamatical, acroatic, arcane, cabalistic, cabalistical, concealed, confidential, confined to a select circle, covert, cryptic, deep, designed for the initiated, difficult to comprehend, enigmatic, enigmatical,… …   Law dictionary

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  • esoteric — 1650s, from Gk. esoterikos belonging to an inner circle, from esotero more within, comparative adv. of eso within, related to eis into, en in (see EN (Cf. en ) (2)). In English, originally of Pythagorean doctrines. According to Lucian, the… …   Etymology dictionary

  • esoteric — [es΄ə ter′ik] adj. [Gr esōterikos < esōteros, inner, compar. of esō, within < es, eis, into] 1. a) intended for or understood by only a chosen few, as an inner group of disciples or initiates: said of ideas, literature, etc. b) beyond the… …   English World dictionary

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